After months of development, Zumer has pulled up to the starting line and is ready to launch the Zumer Database Project.

What is the Zumer Database Project? Simply put, it is the aspiration to create the world’s most comprehensive, accessible and up to date depository of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) performance information.

Are your sneakers made in sweatshops? Which oil companies are embracing renewable energies, and which are simply financing slick marketing campaigns. Which electronic company produces the most environmentally friendly laptops? Is “Fair-trade” really all that fair?

The answers to these questions exist, but they are scattered in reports, books, discussions, and commentaries. Zumer will provide you with the tools to access this data — so that you can make informed choices quickly, accurately and with confidence. This data will be ubiquitous and available to conzumers everywhere they go, so that we will no longer purchase products from companies that do not align with our values. You will be able to vote, every single day with every single purchase.

Ultimately, the real power of ZUMER will be its ability to instigate change. ZUMER will be able to aggregate the small steps forward people take everyday. The incremental changes by millions, will be communicated to other Zumers and most importantly to back to corporations. It will be a positive feedback loop, and will engage and pressure companies in a way that has never been done before.

How will the ZUMER Database be built? It will be built by you. Just as Wikipedia has created the largest and most accurate encyclopedia in existence, the Zumer Database Project will be a collaborative undertaking, harnessing the knowledge and ingenuity of the commons, covering every company, in every language, in every corner of the globe. It will be scrutinized by your peers, it will be debated by specialists, and most importantly it will hold corporations to a new level of accountability and transparency which has never been seen before.

It is a project that will evolve, that will grow, and whose collective vision will ultimately bring a shift in the corporation’s relationship to society. ZUMER is your personal agent working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, representing your values and your goals.

The ZUMER site will be in private Beta over the next few months with University Business Schools and other invited users as our first participants in the ZUMER Database Project. These groups will seed the depository of corporate information, researching corporate performance indicators from companies all over the world.

The University of Victoria Business School, one of Canada’s leaders in business sustainability education, is the first participant in the project. Dr. Monika Winn & Dr. Michael Valente will be using ZUMER as a teaching tool, in their innovative “Decision Making for Responsible and Sustainable Global Business” course. Distinctive in Canada as the only mandatory business curriculum focused on sustainability within the business context, this fall will see over 240 students contributing their research, to the ZUMER Database Project and scrutinizing and critiquing the performance of the top corporations in the world.

ZUMER would like to thank Monika and Mike for providing valuable feedback and paving the way for the ZUMER Database Project.

The ZUMER Database Project is currently in private beta. If you would like an invitation, please send us an e-mail at